The Flutter mobile application development framework is rapidly making its mark as one of the leading cross-platform app development tools out there today.

Many companies and developers are choosing to use Flutter to develop their apps, and you can see those apps in the market. Flutter also provides many customized app templates to help you get started.

But these days, once you build an app, you might want to monetize it. And what better way to do that than Google’s AdMob? AdMob is one of the easiest ways to monetize you app, and we’ll see how in this article.


Recently Adobe XD releases a new version of the plugin that you can use to export designs directly into flutter widgets or screens. Yes, you read it right, now you can make and export your favorite design in Adobe XD and export all the design in the widget form or as a full-screen design, this can save you a lot of time required in designing.

What we will do?

I will make a simple design of a dialogue box with a card design with text over it as shown below. After you complete this exercise you can experiment with the UI. …

Why do we talk about project quality and technical debt so much? Because this directly or indirectly affects the speed of development, the complexity of support, the time to implement new functionality, and the possibility of extending the current one.

There is a great number of aspects that affect a project’s quality. Some of them are difficult to understand, hard to check, and require manual checks from highly experienced developers or QA engineers. Others are plain and simple. They can be checked and fixed automatically. Despite this fact, they represent a weighty part of the whole project’s quality.

In this…

React Native Redux Example | How To Use Redux In React Native is today’s leading topic. Redux is a standalone state management library, which can be used with any library or framework. If your background is React developer, then you have used the Redux library with React.

Overview of React Native Redux Example

  • Step 1: Install React Native on mac.
  • Step 2: Add TextBox and Button.
  • Step 3: Define the state and input handler.
  • Step 4: Create actions, reducers, and components folder.
  • Step 5: Create a Reducer function.
  • Step 6: Create a Redux store.
  • Step 7: Pass the store to the React Native app.
  • Step 8…


If you are here and a beginner, that means you want to learn everything about making an API request using Dart in Flutter, then you are in the right place for the HTTP tutorial. So without wasting any time, let’s start with this flutter tutorial. We will cover the essential topics required to work with the HTTP request in Dart.

What is Rest API in Dart ?

Rest APIs are a way to fetch data from the internet in flutter or communicate the server from the app and get some essential information from your server to the app. …

Flutter is becoming more popular each day, though it’s a rather young technology. It first appeared in 2015 as Sky, and in 2017 it became the Flutter that we know and use. Flutter is backed by Google and allows developers to create beautiful and cost-effective cross-platform applications with a native feel.

There are many architectures you can use to build Flutter applications:

  • Vanilla
  • InheritedWidget
  • ChangeNotifier + Provider
  • BLoC
  • MobX
  • Redux

This freedom of choice can be rewarding, but it can also lead to inconsistent naming and bulky classes. …

flutter_logs 2.0.6

A file based advanced logging framework for Flutter Apps (Android).iOS Support comming soon.


Flutter Logs provides quick & simple file based logging solution. All logs are saved to files in storage path provided. A new log file is created every hour on a new log event. These logs can be filtered and sorted easily. Logs can easily be exported as zip file base on filter type. PLogs also provide functionality to arrange data logs into a predefined directory structure. Custom logs can be used for a specific events based logging within the app. …

Python is a widely used programming language and has a community of nearly 4.3 million. It has a wide range of applications from Web development to desktop Graphical User Interfaces(GUI). Python GUI Framework helps us to learn more about Python programming. You can create the best Python GUI in Python programming. Here we’ve listed the best Python GUI framework/toolkit that you can use. Before we proceed for the details of each framework, let us see what is Graphical User Interface.

What Is A Graphical User Interface (GUI)?

It is an interface through which users can communicate with electronic devices like computers, mobiles and other devices. This interface…

This notebook goes through a range of common and useful featues of the Scikit-Learn library.

It’s long but it’s called quick because of how vast the Scikit-Learn library is. Covering everything requires a [full-blown documentation](, of which, if you ever get stuck, you should read.

Javascript isFinite() is an inbuilt method that determines whether the passed value is a finite Number. Javascript Number.isFinite() method decides whether the value is the finite number. The Number.isFinite() method returns true if the value is of the type Number, and equates to a finite number. Otherwise, it returns false.

Javascript isFinite() Example

Number.isFinite() is different from a global isFinite() function. The global isFinite() function converts a tested value to the Number, then tests it. Number.isFinite() does not transform the values to the Number, and will not return true for any value that is not of a type Number.

In JavaScript, Number.isFinite() is…

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