A Simple Mobile Media Reminder Made with Flutter

HamidReza Alizadeh
2 min readJun 6, 2020



An Offline Medicine Reminder .Built with Flutter, Provider and BLoC pattern

Key Features

  • Homepage medicine list
  • Homepage containing all the registered Mediminders
  • Shared preference data storage
  • Storing medicine objects in shared preference
  • Medicine list retrieval upon application launch
  • JSON encoding and decoding
  • Adding new Mediminder, details include:
  • Medicine name
  • Dosage in milligrams
  • Medicine icon selection (Optional)
  • Reminder interval selection
  • Starting time using Time Picker
  • Notification reminding
  • Usage of Local Notifications to display Mediminders
  • Randomly-generated IDs for each notification
  • Daily reminders with set intervals, based on user preference
  • Registeration error checking
  • Name duplication check
  • Empty/not specified fields check
  • Medicine type is optional
  • Individual medicine detail page
  • In-depth details about each Mediminder upon tapping
  • Delete a Mediminder:
  • Erase the specified medicine object from shared preference and list
  • Erase corresponding scheduled notifications




HamidReza Alizadeh